Hebei Chenfei Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd. mainly produces a variety of chrome steel, tapered roller bearings, deep groove ball bearings, spherical roller thrust bearings. The products have the characteristics of high quality and high precision, and are widely used in automobiles, agricultural machinery, electrical machinery, electrical appliances, engineering, mining machinery and other ancillary products. The company has strong technical force, reasonable and advanced technology and high precision equipment, passed the ISO9002 quality management certification in 2001.

corporate culture

First, corporate vision:

Continuously improve the company's technological innovation ability, focus on the development of the main industry, improve the industrial chain, comprehensively enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, to create a first-class brand, bearing industry has become the most respected and trusted enterprises.

Two, enterprise mission:

We will continue to provide quality projects and quality services that exceed customers' expectations and make our customers proud.

We will continue to provide an ideal return that exceeds shareholders' expectations and satisfy our investors.

We will continue to provide the development space beyond the expectations of employees and the ideal platform for self-achievement, making our employees proud.

Three, core values:

Honesty, pragmatism, innovation, standardization and excellence.

Honesty: Honesty and trustworthiness is the basic principle of the company's economic activities, but also the foundation of the company and employees.

Pragmatic: realistic, realistic, refusing to dream and pursuing a full and dynamic life.

Innovation: the continuous innovation of technology and operation is the guarantee for the success of the company.

Norms: Employees are equal before the system, do not make special, care for employees, enjoy fair competition opportunities.

Excellence: Continue to provide superior engineering and quality services beyond customer expectations, while the steady development of enterprises and customers win-win situation.